Hirson Jahnel Duo

Chris Hirson Saxophone

Bene Jahnel Piano


On November 8, 2015, Bene and I recorded a CD of our compositions in Funkhaus Berlin, the historic radio station and concert venue of the DDR. 

The atmosphere was wonderful and the engineers at Studio P4 were great. I have always been fascinated by Berlin locations. The experience was both pleasant and a little spooky.


Playing in duo has been a large part of my musical life. I love the spontaneity: unexpected directions can be explored with little complication. The intensity: that every emotional nuance can be easily sensed. And the risk: two musical individuals can get into alot of trouble!  And It's always fun trying to get out of it together. 

In terms of composing, it is always a challenge to create different moods and atmospheres, and to make the music interesting for us, and interesting for the listener.

So, the challenges are many, but the rewards are...great!


And Bene says:

Performing in duo is the unique setting where compositional complexity can be developed while there is a high degree of improvisational freedom. The spectral range of the soprano saxophone can be uniquely balanced and supported by the sound of the piano. Here both rhythmically interesting textures as well as lyrical melodies and shapes can be investigated and can unfold. 


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